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Business IN South Africa - Complementary Services

Business IN South Africa (BINSA) also provides a number of direct and indirect complementary services including: Digital Marketing, Software Advisory Services, Recruitment, Remote / Hybrid Working Consulting, University Graduates Placement and more

Expanding internationally to a distant region like South Africa may require you to consider other factors that you hadn’t previously thought about. 

In a lot of cases it makes sense to centralise business functions back to the “mothership” in Europe but if that’s just not possible then it’s worth noting that we can help guide you with resources and assistance, both directly and indirectly.

Digital Marketing:

Localisation of website hosting and SEO in South Africa should be considered in detail. 

In some cases it’s better to have a local provider hosting the website domain, and supporting the online marketing and social media with a strong understanding of the local market. 

GDPR in Europe has its equivalent in South Africa called POPIA and it is treated the same way in terms of permissions and opt-in / opt-out email marketing. 

The good news is that high calibre Digital Marketing is accessible and the combination of the favourable exchange rate from Euro to Rand and the lower cost of living in South Africa means in a lot of cases it actually makes sense to use local providers. In fact, you might even decide to use some of their services for your business back in Ireland and Europe.

Services Include:

Full Suite of Services including: 

    • Web Design
    • SEO & Adwords Campaign Management 
    • Social Media Profiling & Promotion
    • GDPR & POPIA advisory
    • Database list suppliers
Digital Marketing services Business IN South Africa

Business IN South Africa can help you define your requirements and offer a one-stop-shop model to provide a range of Digital Marketing services to both your new South African entity and, if preferable, your Irish and European businesses too.

Software Advisory Services:

Type the term CRM into a search engine and the results are a who’s who of software providers offering the leading Customer Relationship Management platforms in the world – Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Monday, Sugar, Dynamics – we can keep going!

Generally, it’s a case of signing up with a credit card online with a monthly subscription per user per month, and away you go. But that’s not always the case. 

In some instances the licences are regional and you therefore may not purchase a licence in Europe that will be installed and used mostly in Africa, or vice versa. Then there is the support and implementation of the product if you so require.

Technical support will only support licensing purchased in that geographical region, and each big software giant has its own licence installers and implementation partners in each country. So if you need your CRM installed properly, with local customisation and configuration, and local tech support, then you need to liaise locally in-country. 

Now swap CRM for Finance or Accounting Software, Invoicing, Tech Support & Ticketing, Logistics and Stock Control.

You get the idea. 

Let us guide you through the minefield of procuring the correct software packages for your regional expansion and negotiate on your behalf with local providers and implementation partners.

software advisory services Business IN South Africa

Services Include:

  • CRM & ERP
  • Financial Software
  • Recruitment & Candidate Tracking
  • Sales Pipeline Funnel
  • Inbound Marketing Automation
  • Mailshot campaign advisory

Business functions carried out by online software on a SaaS per user per month model can have its challenges, as well as its benefits. 

If you need help or advice on what to choose or where to source, we will be happy to assist you.

Recruitment Services:

Growing an international workforce can be very exciting. It’s a big deal and a good news story all rolled into one. 

What does your process look like? 

Do you think you would benefit from local expertise and assistance with interviewing and screening candidates for you?

What about onboarding and training? 

Would you like to see how that might look?

Business IN South Africa can offer assistance both directly and indirectly, via partners locally placed to take on a lot of the workload when it comes to sourcing and selecting team members and local managers and supervisors. We can also offer services with managing the team and reporting on results against targets and goals.

Services Include:

  • Source – Qualify – Interview
  • Shortlist for client approval
  • Hiring, training & onboarding
  • Management & KPIs 
recruitment services Business IN South Africa

Take the hard work out of scaling internationally by using local resources to source, profile and screen candidates at a basic level. 

For more advanced requirements, talk to us about complete cycle hiring and management services.

Remote & Hybrid Work Consulting:

For many people remote or hybrid working is very much here to stay.

Of course it doesn’t suit the likes of retail or hospitality – at least not yet anyway.

The world has changed post-Covid and in many ways our embrace of working from home or partly from home and partly from the office has been accelerated, for better or for worse, it’s here to stay.

Some organisations have had major challenges with trying to bring their employees back into the workplace on a semi- and/or full-time basis, as many employees have the opinion that if it was acceptable to work from home during Covid without any perceived loss of productivity, then why should they not be permitted to continue? 

In fact, if employers don’t offer at least some form of remote or hybrid working model, they run the risk of losing staff to competitors who will. 

It doesn’t need to be an ultimatum for either party. 

There are strategies and management tools that enable and empower both the employee and the company to operate in a remote working or hybrid working environment, and still have full visibility and open communication similar to everyone being in the office. 

Video calling and conferencing, instant messaging options, software for collaboration and communication with team and management, KPIs and CRM software can all help.

What is the best solution for your company to manage a remote or hybrid workforce whether that be in Ireland, Europe, Africa or across multiple regions?

Business IN South Africa can provide experienced consultant advisors to help you select the tools and management structures you will need, as well as the strategy for implementation of these products and methodologies alongside international partners and software implementation teams and integrators.

Read more about Outsourcing and South Africa here.

Speak to one of our team to find out more …

Remote and Hybrid Work Consulting - Business IN South Africa
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Business Models

We offer various business models and options to suit every business and individual requirement. Our standard models include In-Country, Out-of-Country, and Outsource BPO. In addition to this, we offer complementary services such as Digital Marketing, Software Advisory Services, Recruitment Services, Remote / Hybrid Working Consulting, and University Graduate Program Placement.

Contact our team to find out which model will work best for you.