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Every business is different and each industry has its own challenges and opportunities.

The Business IN South Africa (BINSA) team has developed a number of different options and strategy models to choose from. 

Each model can be adapted or tailored further to facilitate client requirements.

In a lot of cases, business owners and management teams will opt for “In-Country” expansion and company formation, local staff, taxation and employment laws.

While in other situations, the option of our “Out-of-Country” model will have greater appeal and provide some of the same benefits, but perhaps without some of the heavy investment. This allows for a more short to medium term focus and a chance to test the waters before committing greater investment. 

If neither model is ideal for your requirements, then perhaps Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a better fit. Some of the biggest firms in Europe are already “plugged-in” to the South African outsourcing industry. English speaking with a neutral accent, same time zone, disciplined, highly educated, and extremely well trained and managed teams available on contract terms. 

Speak to our team at Business IN South Africa to help identify your requirements and we can introduce you to the appropriate advisors to guide your journey.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Out of Country Model

Business IN South Africa partners with a selection of specialist executive office providers with a range of services from serviced offices, PO Box, telephone answering services, meeting rooms, board rooms, large auditoriums, catering, accommodation and much more.

This model works extremely well for businesses with European Headquarters facilitating growth and development, and who can offer remote or hybrid working options to South African employees and University Graduates. 

Locations in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and other metropolitan areas available.

International Expansion Services:

– Fixed Cost Monthly Rates; 

– Bespoke Outsource Business Solutions for international companies;

Services Included:

  • Registered business address & postal box
  • Phone number & answering service
  • Board room facilities
  • Seminar auditorium
  • Serviced offices 
  • Executive Catering & on-site coffee shop
  • Event hosting & management
  • Luxury Accommodation for international travellers 
out of country model international expansion services

The “Out-of-Country” model from Business IN South Africa is more like an extension to your current setup here in Europe. Consider the team that you will recruit and hire in South Africa and that they will mostly work remotely at least in the short to medium term. You will have a registered address and an official registered South African company for tax and employment purposes. You will also have access to executive offices available for as short a term as a week. Board rooms, conferencing facilities, catering and hospitality. Similarly, we can also arrange accommodation when you are in the country on a short term basis. 

This model can be tailored to suit your needs – let us work with you to identify your ideal model.

Business Models

We offer various business models and options to suit every business and individual requirement. Our standard models include In-Country, Out-of-Country, and Outsource BPO. In addition to this, we offer complementary services such as Digital Marketing, Software Advisory Services, Recruitment Services, and University Graduate Program Placement.

Contact our team to find out which model will work best for you.

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