Currency Transfers

Business IN South Africa is the proud agent for BeztForex in Ireland

No contracts - No commitments - No invoices

For Individuals and Entities/Companies

Currency Transfers - No Monthly Fees or Commitments

  • Our competitive rates are a breath of fresh air
  • International banking knowledge, exchange control rules spot & forward rates.
  • Lock in exchange rates for future transactions and mitigate risk
  • Schedule currency conversions with hedging strategies to stop losing money
  • Access your own online platform to book forex rates in real-time (applicable to businesses).
  • Analyze trades, payments, and generate strategic business reports.
  • Currency & exchange rules, transaction evaluation, assistance with SARB forex applications, and in-depth specific advice.
  • Individuals to transact seamlessly via our offices.

Currency Transfers with Business IN South Africa and BeztForex

Main Benefits of Foreign Exchange - Business IN South Africa

Cross-Border Transacting Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting

Become a BeztForex Client with Business IN South Africa

Business IN South Africa and BeztForex

Business IN South Africa is the proud agent for BeztForex in Ireland

Though our unique relationship we provide cost-effective Forex solutions, market insights and risk management to businesses and individuals engaged in cross-border transactions.

BeztForex and Business IN South Africa deliver highly competitive exchange rates, low single bank transaction fees and free access to cutting edge, On-line FX Software without the need to change your bank.

No contracts – No commitments – No invoices

Consider the following:

Companies who Import often lose money due to fluctuating exchange rates, while exporters may prematurely convert foreign currency to rands without implementing proper hedging strategies. 

BeztForex educates companies on forward contracts and the benefits of maintaining foreign currency accounts, which save costs and simplify currency conversions when needed in the future.

Many companies lack foreign currency risk management and are unaware of their Forex expenses, leading to potential financial losses. 

BeztForex provides an online platform that allows clients to book Forex rates in real-time and offers tools for analysing trades, payments, and generating strategic business reports.

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Business Models

We offer various business models and options to suit every business and individual requirement. Our standard models include In-Country, Out-of-Country, and Outsource BPO. In addition to this, we offer complementary services such as Digital Marketing, Software Advisory Services, Recruitment Services, and University Graduate Program Placement.

Contact our team to find out which model will work best for you.