Outsourcing and South Africa

Outsourcing and South Africa:

“Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally, and sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another.” Wikipedia

We are actually all familiar in one capacity or another with this concept. Think about it, window cleaning, gardening & landscaping, car wash and valet.

These are all outsource services that we can actually do ourselves but we pay other people to perform instead and they in turn become specialists in these areas, faster, better, more efficient, even cheaper when we compare the cost of time vs ROI on that time.

As far back as we can go in history we can find records of butlers, housekeepers and child-minders. Paid staff carrying out services for payment, which the payer could deliver themselves but choose to have someone else carry out these functions instead and pay them in order to use the time saved for other and potentially more productive and valuable efforts.

outsourcing and South Africa
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Outsourcing in the Commercial World is very common as a practice and involves contracting out business functions to third party companies who specialise in delivery of these specific functions for multiple clients.

Outsourcing can involve moving staff or assets out from your company to help manage remotely from the outsource provider location, in some cases internationally.

International outsourcing can represent a huge opportunity for businesses to avail of lower costs and resources, better value and sharper focus on results through specialisation in a narrow business function.

In other words, it’s far easier to specialise and excel in just one area of business as opposed to all areas of business.

Customer Service, Sales, Renewals, Accounting, Manufacturing, Processing

These are just some of the more popular functions that companies choose to outsource and which can be delivered extremely professionally, in some cases far better than the client company.

“Since the 1970s Outsourcing companies have been in existence initially for manufacturing but quickly spreading to other functions. Today many manufacturers outsource 70% to 80% of the content of their finished products.” the economist.com

The 21st Century has so far experienced a massive shift toward outsourcing to foreign countries in far flung destination around the world. Challenges with languages, accents, colloquialisms, latency and poor connections had to be worked through while training and upskilling as always, far from trivial.

Business IN South Africa partners with a network of the award winning third party outsourcing companies in South Africa.

English is a first language, while the time difference is negligible while the level of education and application is second to none.

It is easy to see why South Africa has become the number one destination for BPO globally. What a claim to boast for a third world country, but South Africa can indeed boast many of the finest BPO houses in the world.

The relationship between Business IN South Africa and our network of BPO organisations in South Africa means that international organisations in Ireland and the EU have access to some of the finest talent on the African continent and can plug into it at any time to accelerate functions of their organisations.

“South Africa has since been awarded TOP 2022 Most Favoured Global Offshore CX (Customer Experience) Delivery Location 2nd year in a row.” capebpo.org.za

For more information on Outsourcing and some of our BPO specialists in South Africa – visit our Advisory Panel page.

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