John Kamara

John Kamara

Entrepreneur | CEO - Afyarekod | AdanianLabs

Kenya – South Africa – Ireland

Tech Entrepreneur using smart technology to drive exponential growth in data driven organisations.

Visionary and thought leader with experience in new markets and vertical across multiple sectors.

John Kamara Adanian Lab CEO

Technology: E-commerce, Internet solutions, Digital Applications and Financial payment solutions(AI, Blockchain, IOT, Cloud).

Gaming: (Sport-betting, Poker, Casino and Lottery)

Marketing: Online, Social and Digital Media.

Sales: Go to market strategy, In-country acquisition and channel partnership expert.

Strategy: Product development, Business growth and User experience expert.

Entrepreneurship: Startup experience, M&A, Consulting and Advisory services.

Leadership: Thought leader with a passion for growth and experience developing and managing staff size of between 30 -200 in various roles.

Strategic execution & market development for digital /online/ interactive / AI/ Blockchain and Marketing.

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